Surface Pattern Design

I love that art is truly everywhere, on so many items that we interact with on a daily basis. Being able to use my designs in different ways means my art has more opportunities to make people smile.

“Just Desserts” | From my coloring book collection of the same name I selected a handful of designs, added color, and created stickers as well as a scatter pattern which I applied to a skater dress template for print on demand production. This is one of my favorite dresses to wear, because when someone compliments it, I get to see their surprised expression when I tell them I drew it myself!

“Dessert Doodles” | While noodling around with a suitable background for the Just Desserts pattern, I created this oversized doodle print based on my original drawings. I went a different direction with the main pattern, but loved this one so much I gave it the same skater dress treatment.

“Pumpkin Patch” | These illustrations began as coloring book images in my Posh Pumpkins collection. In addition to another set of stickers or placement art, I chose a piece of another illustration to serve as the anchor for a dress design. Instead of an allover pattern, I arranged the leaves in a cascade flowing from the bodice to the skirt and around to the back, as well.

“Citrus Slice” | Branching out from my usual lineart, this design was created with geometric shapes and shows the versatility of a single, striking motif. Swimwear seamed an optimal pairing for this fresh, vibrant design.

“Seaside” | From one set of lineart came two very different patterns! I love being able to repurpose my art for different projects. These sea items also found their way onto a beach wedding invitation suite.